Illustration by Edward Lear
Illustration by Edward Lear

TRH will be presenting at the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 in Montreal

We are looking for true, personal stories on the theme This isn’t what I signed up for. As Robert Burns famously said, "The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry."

We want to hear stories about the detours, diversions, and derailments that changed your day or changed your life: from discovering at the very last minute that the baby boy you were expecting was actually twins, to the 200 teenagers who showed up at your house after a vaguely-worded Facebook party invite, or the entry-level job where you ended up doing the work of a CEO.

Keep in mind that the stories must be YOUR STORY not your best friend's or your stepmother's.

All stories are told without notes and are meant to be told in an intimate and casual way.

To submit, please send us a summary of the story you wish to tell as well as a brief description of who you are. The summaries are for selection purposes only and not intended for the audience, so don’t keep any surprises to yourself! You do not need to be a seasoned performer—you just need to have a good story to tell.

Selections lean heavily towards well-developed narrative with insight—it’s called This Really Happened because something should have happened. We also want to know: What was the story ultimately about? What is the meaning of what happened? Were you transformed in any way? Stories do not need to be funny (though funny is good), but keep in mind this is for a live audience.

Stories should be a maximum of 6 minutes long.

If you are interested in telling a story, please submit your story summary to by March 6, 2017.


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