Join us on Saturday, April 16th at 8:30 pm at the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival for an evening of stories by:

nicola danby pictureNicola Danby is a translator and the translation editor of carte blanche. She’s a mother of two boys and loves story so much that her family believes she actually consumes books instead of food.



Michele Luchs_IMG_0948Michele Luchs is a storyteller, writer, curriculum developer, and creator of web tools for teachers ( and She is a regular Globe and Mail contributor, Confabulation co-producer, and co-author of the book Mapping Memories: Participatory Media, Place-Based Stories and Refugee Youth.

miall-authorphoto-1Laurence Miall is the author of the novel Blind Spot (NeWest Press, 2014). His short fiction has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, 40 Below Volume 2, and Tabulit. He is the co-editor and fiction editor of carte blanche, and currently lives in Montreal.

Photo: Owen Egan

Retratos Daniel Saldaña ParisDaniel Saldaña París (born Mexico City, 1984) is a poet and novelist whose work has been translated into English, French, and Swedish and anthologized, most recently in Mexico20: New Voices, Old Traditions, published in the UK by Pushkin Press. Among Strange Victims (Coffee House Press, 2016) is his first novel to appear in the US. He lives in Montreal.

Photo: Andrea Tejeda K

Rob sherrenRob Sherren is an ethnic Newfoundlander, raised in New Brunswick, haunting the highways and byways NDG these last 10 years. He is a father of three, husband of one, he plays music, reviews fiction, and builds wind farms in his spare time.


At Espace Godin, Hôtel 10.
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