We offer storytelling workshops to various community organizations.

Participants will learn how to craft entertaining and meaningful stories out of the important moments in their lives, viagra 60mg and discover the art of structure, ampoule narrative, and clear communication.

How it works

Sharing personal stories with peers helps individuals see themselves as members of a community.

Participants work together in small groups and help and encourage each other throughout the process. By working together on personal stories, each participant has a chance to learn something new about themselves, as well as about their fellow storytellers. They will discover shared experiences and values, and come away with a sense of being part of the bigger narrative.

And, at the end of the workshop, they will have a great story to tell.

What we offer

This Really Happened offers full-day workshops, or a series of shorter sessions held on consecutive weeks, on site at a central meeting place in your community.

In the workshop we will look at:

  • What makes a story compelling
  • How to identify moments in your own life that can become great stories
  • The structure and essential components of story
  • The role of honesty and vulnerability in personal storytelling
  • How to tell your story to a live audience

At the end of the workshop, participants will have the chance to perform their stories for the group.


Participants will come away with increased confidence in their storytelling and public speaking ability; awareness and understanding of the other members of the community; and a new form of creative expression to explore.